The UK government bases its decision to continue to fluoridate water on misinterpretation of a scientific review from the University of York.
This report can be found here:
 It is a systematic review of many scientific studies done on this topic.
The York Report was possibly the most comprehensive study of all time on the effects of water fluoridation, it looked directly at issues such as safety and efficacy.
The report found that water fluoridation clearly increases the risk of dental fluorosis (a medical condition where the teeth are damaged), and found that the research done up until now had not been of a good standard, and could not show water fluoridation to be safe (McDonagh et al. 2000). Somehow the government still cites this report as a reason for councils fluoridate their drinking water (Public Health England 2014).
The chair of the report Professor Trevor Sheldon was so concerned about the way the reports findings had been misquoted by various organisations that he issued the following statement
Trevor Sheldon (2000) York Report:
A more recent review of the health effects of fluoride called for it to be urgently removed from public water globally (Peckham and Awofeso 2014). Cancer, dental fluorosis and many other conditions have been strongly linked to water fluoridation. This review also called for tighter regulations on preventing unethical disposal of fluoride into the environment.


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